Here Comes Another One

To distract you from the crazy world

I’ve been quiet

Which, for those who know me, is a very strange occurrence.

However the charity I do editing for has kept me busy, and my fiction has ground to a quiet halt.

So it’s short and sweet this week.

Ecstatic to have joined a new publication - The Junction - a literary crossroads which is run by a damn fine editor (and writer), Stephen M. Tomic. It’s worth visiting.

Never fear - I’ve got another piece (a poem!) already written and submitted - fingers crossed it’s published shortly.

I’ve also started the Slackjaw Humor* Writing Challenge, so beware what could eventuate! Step one: write 10, no, 20, no, 30, no, 40, NO, 50 headlines. Yikes!

Wish me luck!

But I’ve nattered too much. Off to do some more writing for your entertainment!


Duplicitous Undead 

The hamlet was abuzz with the absurd notion that a vampyre had come to feed.
(3 min read) in Dip Your Toes


Attack of the Clowns

‪Imagine a world threatened by a contagion so despicable, it could turn anyone into ... a CLOWN! 🤡‬ ‪Dun Dun DUUUUUN!‬
(5 min read) in The Junction


Hi, My Name is Stephen, and I’m a …

‪Illumination, a Medium publication, asked its writers to introduce themselves. So I did. The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for!
(11 min read) in Illumination

*Humor / Humour (dear citizens of the USA. It’s spelt with a “u”. Thank u)

You can find my work that isn’t published in other publications on Medium in these two personal publications, based on their story types (remember these are behind the paywall - use the links in this email to read them for free):

That’s it! See you next week!

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