Keeping My Distance!

Or Typing in a time of Covid-19

Welcome to the new normal!

To be honest, it’s not that different for me. I’ve been writing from home for years.

But the whole lockdown situation is abnormal for the majority of society, and obviously people are well out of their comfort zones.

We all do what we can to make it better. Social distancing, only buying what we need, and in my case - writing stuff to entertain you.

That said …

To start the week I shared an “unpopular opinion” piece on a different platform,, as part of a competition they were running:

  • Marvel's Infinity Saga Sucked (It was worse than awful. It was pointless. I can prove it.) - it’s a bit of mindless fluff discussing how entertainment without consequences the audience can connect with is a pointless exercise.

Medium Links Clarification

To clarify: is a paywalled website. I’m posting there as subscribers pay me a fraction of a cent each story they read. This month I’m hoping to earn enough from it to pay for my own subscription, and the obvious essential: coffee 😉

I post ‘friend links’ in this newsletter, on my Facebook page and on Twitter, to allow you the chance to read my stories for free.

But you have to come back to the newsletter to click the next link. If you click links within the Medium site, it stops being a free read.

Hey, I don’t know, you may want to subscribe. I won’t stop you! It’s US$5 / AU$7.50 per month, and there’s a lot of great writing there (I’m enjoying the fiction and self-help stories), but as my friend, I wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to read my work without have to subscribe to another publication.

Real Life Intrudes

Onto this week’s roundup - bit light this week as I’ve been working on a new booklet for the Lady Musgrave Trust, a charity who help homeless women (and those at risk of homelessness). Slightly sobering considering the global situation, they’ve brought their latest project forward and I’m doing the graphic layout and copy editing to help ensure it’s easy to read (as I’ve been doing for their other two publications since 2018).

But I promise to make some time to write more fiction in the coming days (and I’ve got some in submission limbo). Until then, here’s this week’s three pieces on Medium…

Humour (humoUr*)



*I cannot stress this enough, people. HumoUr is spelt with the letter U. As in, FU USA, stop spelling words wrong.
**because it’s not Flash Fiction without the hashtag

You can find my work that isn’t published in other publications on Medium in these two personal publications, based on their story types (remember these are behind the paywall - only the links in the email allow you to read for free):

That’s it! See you next week!

Bonus thank you points to Vanessa for christening my “buy a coffee” link! Thank you! The caffeine has been a real help 😘

Image credit: This etching first appeared in 1889 in Henri de Parville's French translation/update of François-Napoléon-Marie Moigno's update of Ebenezer Cobham Brewer's book originally titled, A guide to the scientific knowledge of things familiar. The French 1889 edition is titled, La clef de la science, explication des phénomènes de tous les jours par Brewer et Moigno. This Wikimedia Commons image is a scan from the 1890 Swedish translation by Thore Kahlmeter, Hvarför? och Huru? Nyckel till naturvetenskaperna