Opting out?

No! Don’t!

Did you know you can personalise your SubStack Opt out page?

Neither did I.

That said, it’s on your settings page, and I took great delight in customising mine.

Do you have any changes you’d recommend? Threats? Tears emojis? 😭

Share yours - and lets hope this is the only time it will ever be seen!

It’s like that is it? You’re leaving me?

I understand. You’ve got to look after you.

No. Don’t look back.
Forget me. It’s best for us both.

My heart is breaking, but we all know, if you love somebody, set them free.

So I bid you adieu.

With a hole in my chest, and any sense to continue living erased.


OK. That’s a bit harsh, Santa Baby. Let them go. We can open that bottle of port we’ve been saving for a - sniff - special occasion. 😢😭😭😭💦💦💦💦🌊