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I've got to stop taking myself literally

I Promise I’ve Been Busy!

I spent most of the week preparing my submission for Slackjaw’s Writing Challenge, furiously brainstorming funny concepts so I could deliver to them 100% comedy gold.

Thanks to Shayne, Anthony, and the brave members of the Flapjaw writers group for your feedback! Will they deem it worthy? We’ll find out in a month or so. I liked it.

Paragraph Planet Part Two

Oh yeah, and I managed to be featured as the daily 75 word flash fiction on the one and only Paragraph Planet for a second time. Bliss!

It’s only on the site for 24 hours, so here’s my sneaky screen grab.

As mentioned in my previous update, Paragraph Planet’s brief is simple, yet deceptively tricky. Your title has to be included in the 75 words, which makes writing extremely difficult. It’s a great opportunity to sharpen your creativity and editing skills, and they’re open to submissions. Why not give it a go yourself?

Humour (humoUr*)

*Hey, USA, get up to speed with the rest of the world. Humour is spelt with a “U”.

Take advantage of ALL the freebies during lock-up

A public service announcement for scabs like you. (6 min read) in The Hit Job


First Kiss

A love poem that has nothing to do with current events! Reminisce about your own first kiss while you’re at it. An itty bitty 2 min read that’s actually from my heart and a true story to boot.

Big love and thanks to P.S. I Love You for publishing!



Yes, the English translation is “To be or not to be, that is the question”
(5 min read) in The Cultural Savage

Language evolves, but is English really under threat by emojis? A (slightly updated) article I wrote with my tongue firmly planted in cheek, back in 2016 for the now sadly defunct Grind Zarraffa’s Coffee Society Magazine.


Uncovering the Secrets of Curation by Analysing Medium’s Obsession with COVID-19

I vowed to avoid writing about marketing on Medium. Why mix work with pleasure? I relented. (11 min read) An analysis of the ‘Editor's Favourites’ list to identify what curators are looking for (surprise - it’s a pandemic).

You can find my stories that aren’t published in other Medium Publications in these two personal outlets, based on their story types (remember these are behind the paywall - only the links in the email allow you to read for free):

That’s it! See you next week!

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